How to add your comment to this blog?

We are delighted to inform you that we added an interactive blog function on our website.
This feature will bring us closer together since it allows our members to exchange views and comments as well as to post stories and accounts of excursions.

Here is how it functions:

To find the blog page, open the website and choose ‘blog’ in the main menu, top right of the home page.

To add a comment on a posted article
– write your text in the comment box below the article
– State your name and email address (if a first time contribution)
– check the ‘remind me for future contributions’ (which will facilitate submission next time).
– prove that you’re not a robot ?
– submit (post)

To add a new lead article:
– write your article in Word format (See * for language)
– forward your text to the moderator ( who will post

Certain rules about lead articles apply:
– limited to 500 words
– ensure that the subject fits one of the supported categories ( Local News – NT News – Past Events – Travel Tips )
– make sure the content is of general interest for persons with a National Trust profile.

(*) If you are not a native English speaker and you are unsure whether to write in English, submit your article or comment in your native language, for example Dutch or French. Your message will appear in a translated English version.

We hope you will all become addicted to this forum so as to keep NTAB spirits alive and kicking.
On behalf of the Committee,
Warm regards,
       Jan Grauls                                             Johan Vanbrabant
       Chairman                                               Webmaster

Your contributions are much appreciated

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