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A great association to join

Dear web visitor,

Dear friends of the NTAB,

Welcome to our website and, to newcomers, thank you for showing interest in our great association!

The National Trust Association Belgium (NTAB) -or ‘Association of National Trust members and supporters living in Belgium’, its official name- has been in existence since 1997 when the National Trust took the initiative to invite its members in Belgium to meet and to set up a local Supporter Group. Some thirty volunteers, Belgian and British, signed the new constitution and elected a steering Committee with Max Osterrieth as their chairman. The then NT Liaison Officer, Tom Burr, encouraged and facilitated the process.

This initiative proved to be an immediate success. Up and until today it has been a vibrant organization thanks to the enthusiasm of its membership and the commitment of its Committees members, all volunteers.

The purpose of the NTAB is twofold: to promote the spirit and the work of the National Trust in Belgium, as well as to organize activities in Belgium that make the membership of the Trust more enjoyable for members living outside the United Kingdom. We do this by organizing outings to places of interest in Belgium (chateaux, gardens, historic buildings …) and annual trips to NT properties in Britain. All our activities reflect the unique spirit of the National Trust, with its special focus on heritage and outside life. It is this spirit that brings us together.

Since I became NTAB Chairman, I’ve had the privilege of discovering the extraordinary spirit of heritage, culture and environment that brings us together as a unique inspiration.

While last year’s main event was the celebration of our twentieth anniversary at the Chateau de Val Duchesse/Hertoginnedal, in the presence of HRH Prince Lorenz of Belgium, this year the end of World War I was the central theme of our activities, with a visit to the Mons region which was the theatre of important military events at the outbreak and at the end of the Great War. In the coming months, we will be visiting Talbot House in Ypres, equally an iconic memorial of the Great War for Belgian and Commonwealth citizens alike.

Very recently this website has been renovated and entirely ‘re-built’. It provides information on our activities, past and future, throughout the year. If you would like to become a member of our association, please do so by clicking (join). I’m sure you will find your membership worthwhile. I would be very happy to introduce you to our members on the occasion of one of our next events.

January 2019

Jan baron Grauls