How do I register for an event?

Your participation is registered once your payment has been received on our bank account of National Trust Belgium.
IBAN: BE17 0016 2443 2021

For each event the fee for members and non-members is mentioned at the end of the invitation articles, which are published both on this website (see 'Events') and in our printed Newsletter (which you can download from the homepage of this website as well).

Please make a separate payment for each event; a bank transfer for multiple events is difficult to decipher.

On your transfer please indicate clearly the event code, number of members attending and number of non-members (e.g. 1604 M2 N1).

Places at events with limited numbers are allocated on a first paid-up basis, members always having priority over non-members.

Can non-members participate in our events ?

Non-members can participate as guests, either accompanying members or associate members, or on their own initiative, to become acquainted with our Association. As a guest, you are requested to sign up in advance for events, as do members, and pay at non-members’ rate.

Participation of non-members is restricted in time; eventually, we expect you to join the Association. Our membership fees are quite modest!
For events where the number of participants is limited, members will always receive priority. For our annual UK trip, members’ priority also applies.

If you would like to give us your postal and/or email address, we will send you our next Newsletter and programme of events.

How do I cancel my registration for an event?

If you are unable to attend an event for which you have already paid, please cancel your registration as soon as possible, as this will allow someone else to take your place.

Please remember you will only receive a refund for your payment if you cancel before the event’s closing date for registration. A charge of €2.50 per person will be deducted from this repayment for administrative charges.

As a principle, refunds will not be made after the closing date. Obviously, we have committed to costs based on the number of participants signed up by the closing date, costs for which there is no refund.

Did you know we operate a voluntary car pool?

We have many members who are willing to give a lift to others who have no car.
If you would like to go to an event but travel is difficult, send me your name, address and contact details and I will try to match you with a driver.

Judith Collins, membership secretary

Why would Belgians support a British heritage charity?

Our Belgian members – a large majority of our Association's membership – share an admiration for one of Europe’s most valuable heritages, which has survived the centuries astonishingly unspoiled. They also have a respect for the unique organisation that takes such good care of it.

Our Belgian members are driven by a vivid sense of common European heritage. Their motivation is similar as of other Europeans who raise funds for the conservation of, for example, the city of Venice.