How we work

Our Association is directed by a Steering Committee, which consists of between 10 and 15 persons (click here for the current Committee).

In order for Committee decisions  to be valid, a meeting must have a minimum of five committee members present, or one third of the total, whichever is greater.

The steering committee meets four times a year, to plan the programme of day trips, multi-day excursions and other member activities, to determine the conditions for membership and the level of contributions for outings and membership, to decide how much of our surplus money will be donated to the National Trust and for which projects, to address other issues such as our presence on the web, collaboration with other heritage organizations, the promotion of our association and of the British National Trust, …

With the exception of the programme of events, all other major issues are put on the agenda of the Annual General Meeting, where our members can endorse or amend the Committee’s proposals or take collective decisions on specific matters.

Any member of the Association can make suggestions at any time for consideration by the committee and/or the general membership.

Any member of the Association can volunteer for membership of the Steering Committee.