About NTAB

We are a voluntary association, founded in 1997, of National Trust members and supporters living in Belgium. Our aim is to promote the work of the National Trust, as well as to organize social activities that make membership of the Trust more enjoyable for members living outside the United Kingdom.

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Donations to the National Trust

Each year we reserve a major part of our financial surplus for a donation to NT properties in Britain. We select the most suitable beneficiaries bearing in mind that we aim to give substantial exposure to our association and to support projects, preferably with a Belgian connection, for which we can see a tangible result.

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News from the chairman

Celebrating 20 years of the NTAB

October 2017

The festive celebration of the 20th anniversary of our National Trust Association Belgium (NTAB) on October 21st, 2017, was a gratifying event for us all. Over 120 members and invited guests met at the Château de Val Duchesse/Kasteel Hertoginnedal, in Auderghem/Oudergem.

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Upcoming events

Herkenrode Arboretum and AGM

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21 April 2018

Father Damien of Molokai and the famous arboretum of Herkenrode, including the private estate of Viscount Philippe de Spoelberch, a renowned dendrologist. The Annual General Meeting for NTAB-members will take place at lunch time.

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Surprising Chimay

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05 May 2018

Chimay, one of Belgium's smallest towns, is reputed for its typical landscape, its historic castle and the famous “Trappist“ ale, brewed at the “Abbaye Notre Dame de Scourmont”.

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A colony of artists in a rural village

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09 June 2018

The region between Ghent and Deinze, where the river Leie meanders through woody marshland, played a crucial role in the development of 20th C Belgian art. Come with us to Deinze, Latem and Deurle for a discovery.

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