About NTAB

We are a voluntary association, founded in 1997, of National Trust members and supporters living in Belgium. Our aim is to promote the work of the National Trust, as well as to organize social activities that make membership of the Trust more enjoyable for members living outside the United Kingdom.

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Donations to the National Trust

Each year we reserve a major part of our financial surplus for a donation to NT properties in Britain. We select the most suitable beneficiaries bearing in mind that we aim to give substantial exposure to our association and to support projects, preferably with a Belgian connection, for which we can see a tangible result.

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News from the chairman

A great association to join

January 2019

Welcome to our website and, to newcomers, thank you for showing interest in our great association! The National Trust Association Belgium (NTAB) -or ‘Association of National Trust members and supporters living in Belgium’, its official name- has been in existence since 1997. Up and until today it has been a vibrant organization thanks to the enthusiasm of its membership and the commitment of its Committees members, all volunteers.

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Upcoming events

Antwerpen: Migrants and Textiles

event ntab

22 February 2020

Red Star Line ocean steamers paved the way to a new life for about two million Europeans; their trip to the New World began in a warehouse in Antwerp. HeadquARTers, the art exhibition space of Katoen Natie, houses an unique exhibition “3500 Years of Textile Art”.

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Tongeren, Teseum & City Walk

event ntab

21 March 2020

The city of Tongeren is proud of its status as the oldest city in Belgium. Under Roman rule, "Atuatuca Tungrorum" grew into one of the largest trading cities in Northern Gaul. The remains of an aqueduct, a temple and the imposing Roman city walls bear witness to this.

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Liège: Fine art at La Boverie and the City’s Major Landmarks

event ntab

25 April 2020

Liège's fine art collection and art exhibitions at the renovated La Boverie Museum. Annual General Members' Meeting at the museum's auditorium. A short cruise on the river Meuse to the historic centre and a guided walking tour of the major landmarks.

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