Friday 22 04 2022
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Pajottenland: Bluebell Walk & the Story of Lambic and Geuze

The Hallerbos is a crowd pleaser thanks to the beautiful purple carpet of bluebells (wild hyacinths), which bloom around mid-April. The varied relief offers wonderful hiking opportunities and makes a visit to this forest more than worthwhile. Be sure to bring your camera.

From the Hallerbos it is a short drive to Beersel, famous for its castle and – even more so – for the unique Lambic beer, one of the reasons why the Belgian beer culture is on the UNESCO World Heritage List!

Expert guides tell you more about the typical lambic beers, the HORAL association and the 11 affiliated lambic brewers and blenders.
We hear the story of the unique brewing process with spontaneous fermentation, which is possible in the Zenne valley, the ‘Pajottenland’ and Brussels, due to the presence of a specific microflora.
We gain a good insight into the traditional brewing process of lambic and the blending of ‘Oude Geuze’ and ‘Oude Kriek’.

The tour concludes with a tasting or, if corona permits, we can visit Brouwerij Oud Beersel, one of the last remaining authentic lambic breweries in Belgium, with traditional brewing methods.

We plan a simple lunch in a local pub, with a glass of Gueuze, at least for those who have acquired the taste. Of course they also have wine and ‘regular’ beer.

Preliminary programme, more details to be communicated later