Saturday 23 11 2024
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10 am
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St. Engelbertus church in Prosperpolder
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November 15
Filip Vanden Borre
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0477 274 384

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Beveren, an expanding commune near Antwerp

Save the date. The planning of this outing is still work in progress, so details may change.

Beveren is, after Ghent, the second largest municipality in Belgium (in surface area). Further expansion through mergers with smaller towns is on the way, adding not only land but also a number of historically interesting locations.

The ducal Arenberg family carried out major drainage works (Dutch: ‘inpoldering’) in Beveren. At the beginning of the 20th century a small village was founded on the reclaimed land, Prosperpolder,  with a church, a large farm and a few houses.

That farm has recently been restored and is now used as a visitors centre. There a local guide will tell us about the history and circumstances of the ‘inpoldering’.

Prosperpolder, Beveren

We then go to Bebronna, the banket hall of ‘Katoen Natie’. Various statues from Fernand Huts’ famous art collection surround the building. Mr Huts is a Belgian entrepreneur and art collector, owner of ‘Katoen Natie’, a major international logistics service provider and port operator.

We may have lunch there or at another location in Beveren.

In the afternoon we plan an interesting tour of the port of Beveren. In fact, a large part of the port of Antwerp is located on Beveren territory, which means a lot of income and employment.

We may also take a look at the ‘ghost village’ Doel.  Since 1965, plans have existed to extend the Port of Antwerp to Doel and demolish the village. However, protests have led to a stalemate. A deal was reached in 2022 and the village is allowed to exist.

Venue; St. Engelbertus church in Prosperpolder

How to get there:

About 1 hour driving time from Brussels.

Take A12, exit St.Niklaas > Beveren > Kallo. In Kallo, take Scheldemolenstraat > Hertog Prosperstraat.