Springtime and beer brewing at its best

On 22 April, we gathered on the edge of the Hallerbos for what would be a memorable walk through an endless carpet of bluebells covering the enchanted forest grounds of the Hallerbos, west of Brussels. It was a spectacular sight, particularly at that particular time in the spring when the wild hyacinths are exuberantly displaying their splendid colours and unique flagrances. Only pictures, much better than words, can describe the truly enchanting scenery we saw all around us. Here they come!

in the Hallerbos
in the Hallerbos

During our two-hour walk, and thanks to our professional guides, we also learned a lot about the history of the Hallerbos and its role for the nearby communities in the past and up until today.

After a delicious and ‘beer-flavoured’ lunch at the ‘Oud Beersel’ café, we visited the brewery with the same name, one of the last remaining Lambic breweries in Belgium. The visit allowed us to better understand the difference between the local beer, lambic and geuze, three different brews which get their special taste during a fermentation process made possible by the presence in the Senne Valley of a specific micro flora. Before returning home, all participants were offered a ‘Oud Beersel’ geuze glass.

lunch at ‘Oud Beersel’

Once again, we have to thank André for the idea of visiting the Hallerbos at this particular time of the year, as well as the brewery, and for the perfect organization of the day.


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