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The National Trust is reputed for the upkeep and preservation of historic buildings, for maintaining gardens and landscapes.

It is less well known that the NT also offers self-catering cottages for rent in stunning locations throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

From gatehouses to castle watch towers, pretty cottages to cosy bothies, coastal retreats to estate lodges, you can find holiday opportunities full of character, surrounded by beautiful views.

See NT Holiday Cottages


If you plan a trip to the UK and to visit several NT properties, it may be worthwhile to register as a NT member at the first property. Individual entrances are not cheap and the total expense for a couple or a family may raise quickly.

With a membership card entrances to all NT properties are free during a full year, starting on registration date.

However, if you plan to stay just one or two weeks and have no intention to return to the UK within the same year, perhaps a NT Touring Pass is a better idea.

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One of the pleasures of a long drive across the UK is the chance to visit a National Trust property en-route, to break up the journey. In summer it is rare that a long detour is required but out of season it is often difficult. So it is really agreeable to see that some properties are opening earlier.

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In 2012, the Flemish public broadcaster VRT launched a website and a TV programme, both in English, for persons of foreign origin living in Belgium: "Fans of Flanders".

The programme aims to help expats to discover and enjoy the best things their new environment has to offer. In addition, the programme is an attempt to bridge any possible gap between "locals" and people with different international backgrounds.

It's a light-hearted approach that attempts to explain the local quirks, tradition and habits, how you can spend your leisure time, how to socialize with your Flemish neighbours, ...

The website is highly interactive. Readers can comment and have their say, share and respond to opinion polls.  ‘Fans of Flanders’ is broadcasted every Sunday evening at 9 PM (on Canvas), every Monday evening at 6.30 PM (also Canvas) and every Saturday morning at 11.45 AM (on één) .       

Website 'Fans of Flanders', click here

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