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    1. NOTICES

Any notice to be sent to any Association Member shall be in writing and sent by the Secretary or the Committee through the post in a prepaid letter addressed to such Member at his/her last known address, or delivered by hand. Any notice so sent shall be deemed to have been received within three working days of posting.

    1. Subject to the following sub-paragraphs this Constitution may only be amended:
  1. by a resolution (for which prior written consent has been obtained from the National Trust)passed by not less than two thirds of Association Members present and voting at a GM, the notice having included the wording of the alteration proposed; or
  2. on written notice form the National Trust specifying the alteration to be made (which shall be effective from the time of receipt by the Chair or Secretary of the Association).
  1. No amendment may be made to Clause B (the Objects clause), Clause R (the dissolution clause) or this Clause Q unless it is passed in accordance with Clause Q1(b), or 1(a) with the words "unanimous resolution" replacing the words "not less than two thirds of".
  2. The Committee should promptly send to the National Trust a copy of any amendment made under Clause Q.

If the Committee decides that it is necessary or advisable to dissolve the Association it shall call a GM, of which not less than 21 days' notice (stating the terms of the proposed resolution) shall be given. If the proposal is confirmed by a two-thirds majority of Association Members present and voting the Committee shall realise any assets held by or on behalf of the Association. Any assets remaining after the payment of any proper debts and liabilities shall promptly by given to the National Trust subject to the terms of any trust or condition under which the assets were held by the Association.

  1. Committee Members may collectively and separately be indemnified out of Association funds in respect of any claims arising from the Association's affairs PROVIDED that no Committee Member shall be so indemnified against any liability arising from his/her breach of trust or duty.
  2. If the Association wishes, it may pay a premium for trustee indemnity insurance to cover the liability of the Committee or any Committee Member for an inadvertent breach of trust or duty.

This Constitution was adopted on the dates mentioned above.

Last Updated ( Monday, 04 February 2008 )