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  1. The Committee shall be entitled (subject to this Constitution) to regulate its own affairs and to determine the activities of the Association within the Objects. However, the Committee must ensure that the Objects are met and that this Constitution is adhered to.
  2. The Committee shall hold at least four meetings each year. An additional meeting may be called by the Chair or any two Committee Members giving notice to the Secretary, who shall convene the meeting by giving not less that 4 working days' notice to all Committee Members together with a broad written agenda.
  3. The Chair (or in the Chair's absence the Vice-Chair) shall act as Chair at Committee meetings. If both are absent, the Committee Members present shall choose one of their number to be Chair of the relevant meeting.
  4. Unless resolved otherwise by the Committee, the quorum for any meeting shall be the greater of one third of Committee Members or five, to include at least one Officer.
  5. Unless otherwise specified in this Constitution, every matter considered by the Committee shall be determined by a majority of votes (taken by show of hands) of the Committee Members present and voting. In the case of equal votes the chair of the meeting shall have a second or casting vote.
  6. The Secretary shall keep full minutes of Committee meetings (recording those present, all resolutions and their outcome). All minutes shall be approved and signed by the Chair or (if different) the chair of the meeting at the next Committee meeting and shall (on reasonable notice) be available for inspection by any Committee Member or Association Member.
  7. The Committee shall ensure that the Association enters into an Affiliation Agreement with the National Trust.
  1. The Committee may appoint (and dissolve) one or more sub-committees each consisting of at least one Committee Member and other suitable Association Members for any function or duty which in the Committee's opinion should be undertaken by a sub-committee.
  2. The chair of each sub-committee shall be a Committee Member.
  3. Sub-committee proceedings shall be fully and promptly reported to the Committee.
  4. No sub-committee shall incur expenditure or enter into any obligation on behalf of the Association except as pre-approved by the Committee in a written minute.
  5. Unless the Committee otherwise resolves, the chair and other sub-committee members shall retire after five and three calendar years in office respectively.
  6. All further arrangements in connection with the holding and conduct of sub-committee meetings may be decided by the Committee.