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    1. The Association shall be organised and managed by the Committee in accordance with this Constitution.
    2. The Committee shall consist of:
  1. the four Officers (excluding any President); and
  2. not less than five other Committee Members (the number being determined by the Committee) to be elected at the AGM from amongst the Association Members to hold office from the end of that AGM until the end of the next AGM; and
  3. up to a quarter more Committee Members co-opted at the Committee's discretion from amongst the Association Members.
  1. The Committee may also fill a vacancy or temporary absence among the Officers or other elected Committee Members by co-option.
  2. All Officers and other elected Committee Members shall retire from office at the end of the third AGM after they came into office. Committee Members shall be eligible for re-election for a second continuous term of office but on retirement at the end of the second term shall be ineligible for re-election until the next AGM unless the Committee Members have unanimously agreed prior to the relevant retirement that s/he may continue as a Committee Member.
  3. Each co-opted Committee Member shall hold office until the end of the AGM following his/her appointment unless specifically appointed for a different period and may be reco-opted or elected.
  4. The Committee's proceedings shall not be invalidated by any vacancy or defect in the appointment or qualification of any Committee Member.
  5. No one shall be eligible to be a Committee Member if s/he is not an Association Member.
  6. A member of National Trust staff shall be entitled to attend Committee meetings from time to time but not to vote.

A Committee Member shall cease to hold office if s/he:

  1. is absent without the Committee's permission from all its meetings for six months or more and the Committee resolves that his/her office be vacated; or
  2. resigns by notice in writing to the Chair or Secretary; or
  3. ceases to be an Association Member; or
  4. has his/her Committee membership terminated for a fair and proper reason following the same procedure as for termination of Association membership set out in Clause E4 above.