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OUR NEXT EVENTS: Herkenrode Arboretum & Damiaan Museum Sat Apr 21, 2018 @10:00

OUR NEXT EVENTS: Surprising Chimay Sat May 05, 2018 @09:45

Adopted on the following date: 23 ApriI 1997
Amended by the Extraordinary General Meetings of 2 May 2000 and 8 February 2004

    1. NAME
The name of this unincorporated association is Association of National Trust Members in Belgium.
("the Association")
    1. OBJECTS
The Association's objects ("the Objects") are actively to promote and prosper the work of the National Trust (registered charity number 205846) and to promote social activities to make membership of the National Trust more enjoyable.
    1. OBJECTS
      1. "Association" A National Trust member's group, whether an Association, Centre or Club.
      2. "Association Member" A member of the Association for the time being (Clause E)
      3. "Committee" The main Committee of the Association for the time being (Clause G)
      4. "Committee Member" A member of the Committee for the time being (Clauses F, G and H)
      5. "AGM" An Annual General Meeting of Association Members (Clause M)
      6. "EGM" An Extraordinary General Meeting of Association Members (Clause N)
      7. "GM" An AGM or EGM
      8. "Officers" The Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and any President (Clause F)
      9. "Financial Year"

      The Financial Year of the Association, which shall run from 1 January to 31 December (Clauses L and M)
      The current financial year will run from 1 July 2003 to 31 December 2004

    2. POWERS

To further the Objects in Clause B only the Committee shall have power:

  1. to raise funds for the good working of the Association;
  2. to invite contributions to the National Trust (including donations, legacies and bequests);
  3. to organise or enlist voluntary support and assistance;
  4. to promote and publicise the National Trust and enrol new National Trust members;
  5. to establish or support any charity formed for all or any of the Objects;
  6. to arrange meetings, courses, lectures and other events and produce newsletters, films, tapes and publicity in any media;
  7. to arrange related social activities, travel and refreshments;
  8. to co-operate with other organisations (including charities, voluntary bodies, private and public sector organisations) and exchange information and advice with them for mutual benefit;
  9. to take out and arrange insurance and other security provisions;
  10. to do all other lawful things as may further the achievement of the Objects