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OUR NEXT EVENTS: Herkenrode Arboretum & Damiaan Museum Sat Apr 21, 2018 @10:00

OUR NEXT EVENTS: Surprising Chimay Sat May 05, 2018 @09:45

Have you visited places you’d like to share with others? Do you have contacts that would allow us to go behind the scenes at a venue, or maybe venues? Or perhaps you have ideas of other ways we can support the National Trust? Maybe you are a good organiser, writer, or have computer skills? Or do you have some other gifts you’d be prepared to share with our association to the benefit of the National Trust?

We don’t expect you to be able to offer all these skills; just one will do!

A number of committee members have served our association for many years - some, even from the beginning in 1997 - and would dearly love to step down and let others fill their shoes. So how about taking someone’s place? Come as an observer to one of our meetings and see what you think about it.

How we operate

The committee meets four times a year in a central place, currently in Mechelen. We use email for most communications.

According to our constitution, the committee should consist of 4 officers (Chairman, Vice-chairman, Secretary and Treasurer) and no fewer than 5 other members. This means we need a minimum of 9 committee members, who must all be members of the association and elected at theAGM.

The committee can decide to co-opt up to a quarter of their number as additional members, for example to cover specific tasks.

The constitution recommends the establishment of sub-committees, which may be made up of other suitable members of the Association and at least 1 committee member. The chairman is considered as a committee member.

Currently, the programme committee is the most active sub-committee. The programme committee chairman and secretary collect and list suggestions and ideas for events and outings, propose a selection for the forthcoming year, draw up the programme to be announced on the website and in the Newsletter and organize all logistics for the planned events. In practice, committee members take turns to take care of a particular event.

So, why not give it a try? For more details, contact us.